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Are you a working arts journalist? Consider becoming a member of the new NAJP, the largest service organization for arts journalists in North America. The core of the NAJP membership are the 131 alumni of the original NAJP program. In addition, since early July more than 300 new members have joined. To see our mission statement, go here.

What are the benefits of membership? First, in a time of enormous change in the profession, you'll be part of a national organization advocating for us all, and for best practices in arts journalism. Second, in the coming months we will be announcing a series of partnerships and programs to support arts journalism, including a new virtual network, fellowships, arts journalism awards, conferences and research. To be eligible to participate, you must be a member. While we get up and running again, there is no fee for membership. To apply for membership, please send an email to: najpmembership@najp.org. To apply, we need five clips of recent work, a resume, and a statement about your work as an arts journalist and why you want to join.

A membership committee will review applications. Applicant must have a minimum of two years of experience in arts journalism and be actively working in the field.

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