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June 4, 2009

The Critic As Community Leader

JerrySaltz.jpgJerry Saltz, the art critic for New York Magazine, has been cultivating a community on Facebook. He's got almost 5000 Friends following his posts,and each of his updates gets dozens, even hundreds of comments. Saltz doesn't blog, and says he has found that the key to Facebook success is use it as a discussion starter. His style is to post a provocative idea or question in a short paragraph or two, then watch who picks up the threads.

So last week he returned to a theme he's hammered on in recent years: why do so many big New York museums have so few women artists showing in their galleries? He did a count at the Museum of Modern Art and reported back. His Facebook community launched hundreds of comments in response, and finally officials at MoMA  felt they had to respond. That's when it got freally interesting. I've posted more on the story at my blog diacritical.
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