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How do new questions about the editorial/$ wall evolve as we make a final leap to the Internet? Links appearing next to books used to be a big ethical debate in arts journalism--now it's standard on most sites.

How do you honestly keep in mind the donating foundation (with/out transparency itself?) and how is that being played out differently online than in-print?

The Big Idea in Conclusion on the panel: this is the beginning.
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Optimism that there will always be arts journalism, and that's great.

But the question is on the "be"--who is getting paid? (And what amount? Is this still a job?)

"Thank television for those few fat years."

Starts to send the bludgeoning message that no, you will be blogging out the goodness of your heart.

Sasha Anawalt more aptly describes this as an "awkward" transition of print-to-online models and acknowledges that there probably won't be one single solution to the next step.

Deborah Marrow (the Getty Foundation) doesn't believe foundations/philanthropy groups will be the savior of arts journalism. Like Anawalt, this is going to be a combination of financial resources ("hybrid models").
"Strategic Philanthropy" is a new approach being taken by foundations.

"Army of now-freelance journalist" is terrifying? Exciting? Maybe depends on if you are one?



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Ethics online--"the wild west."  "Public online is split on Flavorpill" ?

People of color's role in online arts journalism?

And a break!
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Bay Area classical scene hub.
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Arts journalists help to frame piece of art.
Texas-based Glasstire is attempting to "define a regional aesthetic." An online magazine tackling the visual arts only in Texas. Listings, reviews, blogs, 30-40 paid writers ("you get what you pay for"--amen!).
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Offline experience of a L.A. neighborhoods (Boyle Heights, L.A. River, Watts, Eagle Rock, etc.) reported online.
Uses a non-linear narrative of describing L.A. culture engaging in multimedia literacy.
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Jeff Chang, Seth Schiesel, and Laura Sydell discussing the projects and issues of:
Editorial/Ad/$ wall
Arts criticism as the totality of the critic's experience
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 Instant Encore is the web stop for classical music fans and reporters. An interesting merging of tech with a less tech-focused genre. Concert reviews, downloads, I-phone app, blogs, listings, etc.

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C3 developed at the Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Focus on entrepreneurs, community connection, etc. The product of news not the paper it is printed on.
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NPR Music incorporates blogs, chat, reviews, and live performance videos rather than a critic-based format (presented by Anya Grundmann).

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