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New information from Lily Tung at end.

My partner the art critic got an e-mail this morning from a China-based group called Hipic, which, after reading about it, would probably be pronounced HIP-ic, not HIGH-pic. Here's the who-we-are:

"Hipic" is an independent artistic project centered on pictures initiated by Yang Zhenzhong, Xu Zhen, Huang Kui and other artists, who established the "Hipic team." "Hipic" collects and displays flood of pictures from all over the world using internet as a platform. "Hipic" central system,, diffuses pictures on various visual poles, including public screens, TV monitors, computer, mobile screens, and other mediums, which undoubtedly became part of everyone"s life.

You may or may not find these visual disseminators worthy of interest; Hipic just had a "soft" opening in ShanghART gallery in Beijing and says it will hang its screens in four more.

But in order to join the Hipic site, here's what you have to read and click (spelling is corrected):

Hipic User License Agreement

By signing up you have agreed to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

Welcome to use this interactive public website, please read carefully and follow the terms hereinafter to guarantee law and order, as well as civil tranquility:

1. This website should not be used to threat the country security or divulge State's secrets. It should not infringe upon country's society and civil rights. This website should not be used to produce, reproduce or diffuse information related to:
 a) Rebellion, laws and administrative rules violation.
 b) Subversion against country's political power, overthrow of socialism institution
 c) Country's division.
 d) National hostility or discrimination, and breach of national unity.
 e) Reality distortion or falsification, rumors dissemination, disturbance of society functionary 
 f) Propagation of superstitions or any other topics related to depravity, erotism, gamble, murder, terrorism, sects, or criminal acts.
 g) Public insults or calumny against an individual.
 h) Damage of national reputation
 i) Other violations against the Constitutions or laws
 j) Commercial advertisement without permission
2. Users should preserve mutual respect and are responsible for their acts and speech.
3. It is prohibited to sign up with a user name comprising any vocabulary related to this website or insults, calumnies, subject to be deleted.
4. It is prohibited to use this website on nefarious acts purposes
5. If the user is involved in any activities violating country's laws, this website will not be blamed: user registration information will all be recorded and provided to any related official organization if necessary. 


I asked my partner if this could be a parody, because artists can be witty and satirical even (especially?) when at risk. And risk there is: a show in Shanghai by artist Zhang Huan was closed by local government officials just before it opened.

This welcome addition is from blogger Lily Tung:

I covered art in Shanghai for several U.S. and Hong Kong publications from 1994-1999, and I know two of the three artists. I can say with near certainty that the user agreement is a parody. Yang Zhengzhong especially creates tongue-in-cheek work. I laughed when I read it,
thinking to myself, "That is so THEM."

In addition, most websites in China don't require users to sign an agreement. That fact also leads me to believe Hipic is making a joke.

The beautiful result is that the artists still look to be following government rules, and officials will buy it because they won't understand the subtle irony.

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