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Allan M. Jalon–2003
Freelance literary journalist

Elizabeth Maupin–1996
Theater critic, The Orlando Sentinel

Reena Jana–2000
Innovation Editor, BusinessWeek magazine and Executive Editor, IN: Inside Innovation

Mary McCauley–1996
Arts writer, The Baltimore Sun

Margo Jefferson–2003
Critic, The New York Times

Sharon McDaniel–1995
Classical music and dance critic, Palm Beach Post

Sacha Jenkins–2002
Senior contributing editor, Spin

Doug McLennan–1997
Editor and Producer, Arts Journal

Cynthia Joyce–2001
Freelance writer and editor

Molly McQuade–1997
Correspondent and contributing editor, Booklist

Charles Kaiser–2000
Author and journalist

Manuel Mendoza–1998
Television critic, The Dallas Morning News

Louisa Kamps–2000
Contributing writer, Elle

Karen Michel–1998
Freelance cultural reporter, Independent radio producer, National Public Radio

Elizabeth Kendall–2003
Author and adjunct professor, Bard College

Bill Mitchell–1995

Michael Kimmelman–2000
Chief art critic, The New York Times

Mark Mobley–1996
Editor-in-Chief, Style Weekly Magazine

Julia Klein–1997
Freelance cultural reporter and critic (Philadelphia)

Renee Montagne–1997
Senior correspondent, National Public Radio

Cheryl Kushner–1997

Tom Moon–1995
Music critic, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Adam Langer–2001
Senior editor, Book Magazine

Laurie Muchnick–2004
Book editor, Newsday

Julie Lasky–1996
Editor-in-Chief, ID Magazine

Donald Munro–2003
Film critic, The Fresno Bee

Wendy Lesser–2001
Editor and publisher, The Threepenny Review

Ileana Oroza–1996
Professor of Journalism and Photography, University of Miami

Daniel S. Levy–1995
Senior reporter, People; Author, Two Gun Cohen

Mary Jo Palumbo–2002
Arts reporter, Boston Herald

Ruth Lopez–1998
Arts writer (Chicago)

Claude Peck – 2005
Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN)

Louinn Lota–1995
Freelance screenwriter, Hollywood

Naomi Person–2001
Producer, "Fresh Air with Terry Gross," WHYY-FM

Glenn Lovell–1996
Film and new media writer, San Jose Mercury News

Daniel Pinchbeck–2000
New York correspondent, The Art Newspaper; Editor, Open City

Carol Lutfy–1999
Freelance journalist (New York)

Peter Plagens–1999
Art critic, Newsweek; Contributing editor, Artforum

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